It is scientifically proven that humans’ cognitive and social capacities are mainly formed between birth and age five. Young toddlers are more vulnerable to traumatic events and therefore more likely to carry those problems later in life. It is essential that children who experienced traumatising events have an opportunity for therapy through a positive environment for social interaction, and an effective method to stimulate cognitive development.


I AM YOU’s aim is to provide the 2 and 3 year old children of Ritsona with social and behavioral skills appropriate for their age. Equipping them with motor, pre-literacy, pre-math and creative skills is crucial at this point in their lives. I AM YOU provides daily lessons in the areas of language, cognitive development, social emotional skills and motor skills to better prepare children for integration into the formal Greek pre-school system which starts at age 4. 


 I AM YOU's pre-school space is a safe and welcoming learning environment. It is decorated with children’s artwork, an indoor play place for releasing joyous energy and a dedicated learning space equipped with a circle time area, tables and chairs and a reading space. Children participate in activities that help them develop their creative skills, behavioral and social skills on a daily basis. 

An important part of a child's development also involves parental support. I AM YOU facilitates monthly meetings with parents. They are kept up-to-date with information about their children's progress by attending a monthly meeting in where they discuss their child's progress with the pre-school teacher and are also given a report on skills their child achieved during that month.