I AM YOU IT learning program

In October 2017 I AM YOU welcomed a PhD researcher from the Open University in the UK. He came to Ritsona to design a project for IT and Technology education for displaced children, with the aim of increasing interactivity in learning. His program was a great success with the young representatives of the community. We are currently working on establishing a sustainable program taking into consideration the findings and good practices of his project.


ritsona SUMMER 2018 PROGRAM

I AM YOU Summer Program

Over the summer of 2018 we were running a Summer Camp program for the children attending Greek Primary schools. During which they were taught English and Greek as well as social and emotional Learning, based on a program developed by the International Rescue Committee.

The program was a huge success with a total of 60 students attending. The program got high appraisal from IOM, and recommendations were made for the SEL program to be ran in other camps across Greece.



I AM YOU and Thistle Farms Love Heals

Love Heals is a project that was originally supported by I AM YOU and is now running as a social enterprise with support from Thistle Farms at Ritsona refugee camp. Living in a refugee camp intensifies boredom and societal segregation as well as the limited opportunity to earn a living. Love Heals allows women in the camp to socialize, earn money and learn a skill whilst gaining societal inclusion. The women at the camp weave mats from old life vests found washed up along shores from rubber dinghies helping refugees arrive in Greece. The vests are cut up into strips and the materials are used to create mats that are sold in the USA.


Graffiti project

I AM YOU Graffiti project

In April 2018 one of our Volunteers led a graffiti and painting project for the unaccompanied minors in the camp. The goal was to beautify their living space, create a team building exercise, and put their energy into something positive. Together with an external painter/graffiti artist, the youth eagerly participated in this project.


child friendly space

I AM YOU Child Friendly Space

In September 2017 we opened a Child Friendly Space in Oinofyta Refugee Camp. It provided Psycho Social Support and activities to the children between the ages of 2 up to 5.


youth engagement space

I AM YOU Oinofyta Youth Engagement Space

In Oinofyta Refugee Camp I AM YOU ran various programs. Amongst them we had a Safe Space for the youth of the camp. A mix of learning opportunities such as language, arts and crafts and social projects. The space was open daily, for boys and girls. The residents had access to instruments, video games, puzzles and board games.


oinofyta Summer camp 2017

I AM YOU Oinofyta Summer Program

transport to athens


Campfire project 2018

I AM YOU and Campfre Project Shakespeare Play The Tempers Ritsona Camp

In the summer of 2018, I AM YOU facilitated the Campfire Project. A team of theatre professionals worked alongside I AM YOU and Ritsona camp residents to bring Shakespeare's The Tempest to life in a vibrant performance that captured imaginations.


Agara sports program

In the Summer of 2018 I AM YOU facilitated the stay of members of the Agara Foundation from Malta. During their 2 weeks with us in Ritsona, the team engaged into many sport activities with the children and adult residents. Their program was a big hit, and every day the residents joined the sport activities.


beach trips 2016

I AM YOU Summer Beach trip

In 2016 I AM YOU organized bus trips from camps that would take residents to beaches in the area. On a few days of the week, residents had the opportunity to spend some quality time by the sea, enjoying being away from camp, having a swim.