Preserving dignity

I AM YOU is a 501(c)(3) fiscally sponsored non-profit working with people who have fled war and persecution. We envision a world awakened to a common humanity and strive to be the force leading the way as a global grassroots movement, sparking compassion through field work, volunteering, and dialogue. 


The I AM YOU film, directed by Phil Griffin.


Changing lives

We serve men, women, and children who have found themselves in makeshift refugee camps in Greece, where they remain trapped in inhumane conditions without knowing when they will be able to leave.

Our team provides a continuous presence on the ground, working tirelessly to resolve real-time needs. We focus on creating a sense of reconnection to regular life through vital assistance with translation, health care, and legal support, as well as play, creativity and learning. The need can either be ongoing or momentary. The impact of addressing and solving a problem in real-time however is permanent, providing a clear pathway to self-reliance.




Education Support

Non-formal education for all ages.


Access to Vital Services

Information, translation, and transport.