our shared vision

I AM YOU envisions a world awakened to our common humanity. There is no wrong way to strive for this ambition, and our supporters are the force leading the way. Our global grassroots movement is driven by bold individuals igniting compassion through field work, volunteering, community organizing, advocacy, and fundraising. Read on to see how you can support our shared vision.



Join our Global Family

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Volunteering with I AM YOU means that you will join a dynamic team of individuals who together support our work to bring a sense of humanity to refugee camps in Greece and make the lives of displaced men, women, and children better. We focus on human-to-human aid, putting volunteers at the forefront of our work and building our future on their skills and experience. We celebrate the diversity in our team and believe it makes us stronger.



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Whether you have already volunteered for I AM YOU, or you want to support us from afar, fundraising is a way to be bold and creative while actively making our work possible. Our day-to-day work is made possible through donations and support from our Global Family. Click through to find the tools to help you launch your own campaign. 

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Not everyone has time or resources to volunteer or fundraise. Advocacy is a core part of the interpersonal compassion building that drives I AM YOU's work. Whether through social media or engaging your local community, your voice and story can be used in a meaningful way to bring our common humanity to the forefront.  


Your donations translate directly to education support, access to vital services, and social enterprise coordination for the residents of Ritsona. Every donation, no matter the size, breathes new energy into our work and ensures our volunteers can focus on their work on the ground. Click below to find out how your donation translates to real, tangible aid, and services.