Job description


Job Purpose

The Educator will plan and carry out English lessons for Adults and Children in six week cycles with clear start and end dates.


Implement /Change/Maintain Current English Program

  • Plan and prepare lessons

  • Teach up to three different levels of English

  • Constantly look to improve the program we offer in conjunction with other staff

  • Take daily attendance of participants

  • Produce report of the lessons implemented

Skills and Experience


  • Past experience teaching English as a second language

  • Acknowledges and respects gender, cultural, ethical, social, and religious constraints

  • Demonstrates an understanding and desire of working with residents in a particularly vulnerable environment

  • Interest in working with migrant and refugee children

  • Good written communication skills

  • Team player mentality and creative problem-solver

  • Capacity to work in fast-paced and emotionally-intense contexts

  • Good command of the English language

  • Basic IT knowledge

  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic about the work required

  • Police/Background Check is also required for this position


  • University degree in Education or Teaching

  • ESL training

  • Knowledge of IELTS examinations

  • Language skills in Arabic

  • Technical experience in a humanitarian aid context

  • Knowledge of Child Safeguarding Policies and Child Protection Minimum Standards

Transversal Skills

Autonomous, dynamic, empathetic, thorough, organized self-starter with solid interpersonal skills.

Important Information

The work is voluntary and the ideal candidate will be available for at least two months. You will not receive any economic compensation and volunteers are expected to pay for their own flights and meals during their stay. I AM YOU sponsors volunteers with shared transport on location and special rates for accommodation.