financial accreditation

I AM YOU has appointed US public charity Sustainable Markets Foundation (SMF) in New York as the fiscal sponsor of the project, giving I AM YOU 501(c)3 status making us eligible to receive grants from foundations and organizations in the United States and abroad. SMF receives donations on behalf of I AM YOU and provides a range of related services. I AM YOU operates under SMF and abides by the same US charity laws and regulations. The costs for overhead administration are limited to 5% of received funding.

Your donation means something

$3 could provide a summer school materials for one child

$24 could provide printer paper for a month for all our classes

$30 could secure printer ink for four classes for a month

$60 could transport two patients to the hospital

$236 could enable our preschool to run smoothly for a month

$3150 could run our Lifelines hospital transport and translation service for a month

Please note, although all our donation amounts are suggested in USD, we accept donations in all currencies. 

Donate now

how to donate

There are many ways to donate to I AM YOU, and each one of them translates directly to work on the ground. Find the option that works best for you. 

  • Donate to our Lifelines GoFundMe

  • Send a cheque made out to 'Sustainable Markets Foundation' to

Jay R. Halfon / I AM YOU

Sustainable Markets Foundation

45 West 36th St, 6th Floor

New York, NY 10018-7635

  • For bank to bank transfers, email

  • Make a credit card donation using the DONATE NOW button at the bottom of the page

Donate now