Jordan is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and has been at Ritsona Refugee Camp for 10 months. He shares with us his daily life at Ritsona and his dreams for the future.

“In my country, I studied informatics and management. I wish to be engineer or businessman. Before I was born, my mother had a dream that I would work in administration, I hope one day I can please her and make this dream come true by working in an administrative post. Both of my parents passed away, my siblings are still living in Congo.

Helping others makes me happy. I do it in the camp, in my everyday life. It is not always easy because we all are different, we have different cultures and it is hard sometimes to understand each other. I will always keep trying.

Sometimes it is hard to live with the other nationalities. For some people, it is the first time they have seen or lived with black people. I think in some countries, they hate black people or anyone not the same as them and they bring this hate with them. We are all evolving together, day by day. I see their change and I try to evolve too.

I spend lot of time with I AM YOU and Lighthouse Relief. I participate in activities like tennis, creative arts, resident meetings, German classes, English classes and Greek classes. I have also given some French lessons. I want to learn many languages to be able to speak with everybody in the camp. For me, being able to communicate with people makes the difference between having a good and a bad day. When I learn new things, it makes me feel good and I feel less stressed, it helps me to relax. Every language has its own drawer in my brain- English, German, Greek and French.

I dream of stability in my life and feel happiest when I am useful, helping people. I want to be a businessman or engineer or at least do something that is useful for society”.

***This account was provided by Ritsona resident Jordan, written by I AM YOU volunteer Amandine and edited by I AM YOU staff member Nivine.***