Fadi is Syrian and Stina is Swedish, this is their story...

Imagine having to leave your homeland forever for the unknown. Imagine living with daily thoughts of how others elsewhere in the world live in difficult situations.

A chance coincidence led this couple to I AM YOU. A few years ago, Stina was watching a television program in where our co-founder Damian Ardestani was speaking about the definition of the words I AM YOU: we are all the same, I am you and you are me, we all share a common humanity. The refugee crisis in Greece was still in the spotlight then and the stories of Ritsona Refugee Camp called them into action.

Fadi made the trip to Sweden from Syria 5 years ago. He felt compelled to contribute to the betterment of those living in displacement, especially the children, but didn't know exactly how. Fadi is a seasoned cyclist and last summer, he and Stina were preparing for a cross country trip throughout Europe and then the idea hit them.

With no direct link to Ritsona but a very strong will to contribute, Fadi and Stina set off on their journey with a mission to raise money for the most vulnerable of this crisis. Their goal was to fund education programs for children living in war zones and refugee camps. Cycling 2800 km from Sweden to Germany, Netherlands to Belgium, across France, Spain and then finally Porto, Portugal. Their commitment to children's education is inspiring. Encouraged with each notification of a donation received, they persevered and finally made it to Porto.

Thank you Fadi and Stina for your commitment to our shared common humanity. We are eternally grateful for your support. Funds donated will go directly towards continuing I AM YOU's education program for children. Please follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram @destinationporto