Melanie volunteered with I AM YOU for 5 months. Although she finished her time with us a part of her will stay here always... in the hearts of the children she was taking care of every day. Pre-school will miss her bright smile, high spirit, ukulele skills and most of all her dedication towards positively impacting their educational needs.

“I will remember a lot of things from my time here. A lot of beautiful and very intense moments between the children, the parents and me. I could feel a lot of appreciation. They were really thankful. I loved to see the kids showing improvements. For example, a child that didn't really speak, and now he knows all the colors in English and he can say my name. This was impossible at the beginning. It is wonderful. It makes me really happy to see them grow.“

“As an Early Childhood Educator, working in a refugee camp is a different experience for me. The language barrier was challenging. When a child was crying and I couldn't speak their language to ask what's going on. There was frustration on both sides if I couldn't figure out what happened. But somehow we found our ways to understand each other. Also, a child might be struggling with a situation, and we don't understand why. But you always need to have in mind that these children already had a difficult time in life - they react different in certain situations. I learned to open my eyes. “

“When going to camp everyday, and having conversations with so many residents, parents and kids, I got to know so many impressive and unique personalities. It always felt like a big neighborhood to me. It reminded me everyday that they are like you and me; they have their hobbies, they have their worries and they have their dreams. In the end, all children have the same needs, the same right to grow up in a safe environment and to feel loved."

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