This program provides mentoring and opportunities for creative learning. It gives an outlet for teenagers and young adults to find interactive ways to spend their days with friends. The activities range from group games to independent recreation that positively stimulate the mind and body. In the refugee camps we operate in, the lack of outlets for creativity and entertainment has been visible in the behavioral issues, shyness and depression we have witnessed amongst teenagers and young adults.

I AM YOU is offering a program dedicated to providing opportunities for interactive learning, entertainment and physical exertion for adolescents and young adults. This program offers team games, resources to encourage hobbies, and exercise equipment for volunteer led group activities or individual use, all aiming to bring happiness to the young people in camp. 
The Youth division gives this often-overlooked demographic group their own personal space, which they themselves have been part of creating. It is a safe and creative space where the focus is on mentoring and encouraging them to express themselves through various arts and crafts projects and language classes, to develop trust and a sense of self-value. We stand next to them and cheer for their success, we commiserate their losses and we expect them to take responsibility for their actions. It is a hard balance to meet but the program and volunteers are engineered in such a way that it aims to demonstrate that they can fly when they are ready to.