This program provides interactive opportunities for creative learning and fun games. It provides an outlet for children and teenagers to enjoy their days with friends. The activities range from group games to independent recreation that positively stimulate the mind and body.


Displaced children affected by war, disaster and conflict have been deprived of their childhood, teenagers robbed of their adolescence. In the refugee camps we operate in, the lack of outlets for creative play and entertainment has been visible in the behavioral issues, shyness and depression we have witnessed amongst children, teenagers and young adults. 


I AM YOU are offering a program dedicated to providing opportunities for play, interactive learning, entertainment and physical exertion for children and young adults. This program offers team games, treat days, resources to encourage hobbies and exercise equipment for volunteer led group activities or individual use, all aimed as bringing happiness to the young people in camp. 



This project provides structured children’s activities in arts, crafts, music and physical recreation. The interactive play and learning experiences compliment our Education Support Program by stimulating the creativity of the mind and exercising the body, helping children to focus in school.