From left to right: Katina Saoulli, Executive Director, Damian Ardestani, Founder and Rebecca Reshdouni, Founder

From left to right: Katina Saoulli, Executive Director, Damian Ardestani, Founder and Rebecca Reshdouni, Founder


Damian Ardestani

Damian leads the Advisory Committee and AM YOU's advocacy work. He is an award-winning recording artist and producer known as XOV. After gaining global recognition for writing music to The Hunger Games soundtrack and reaching chart success in Europe, he started a successful record label in partnership with Sony Music and Universal Music Group. Prior to his break-through in the music industry, he was a successful entrepreneur leading several companies for over a decade. His family came to Sweden as refugees from Iran when he was one.


Rebecca Reshdouni

Rebecca is responsible for overseeing the operations in Greece, international partnerships and the operations in Sweden. She has a wide range of experience in project management as well as a deeper understanding of immigration matters from her work at the Asylum Procedures Unit at the Swedish Migration Agency. Additionally, Rebecca gained excellent leadership and communication skills through her experience from the financial services sector. Her family came to Sweden as Armenian immigrants from Iraq and Syria before she was born. 


The Advisory Committee consists of a carefully selected group of experts who volunteer their time, knowledge and experience to provide mentorship and advice to the Founders, helping them build I AM YOU into an impactful NGO in service to humanity.

Amy Rao

Board of Directors, Human Rights Watch

Amy is the Founder and CEO of Integrated Archive Systems. She has a long history of involvement in democratic politics in the USA and actively advocates for stronger human rights sitting on multiple boards in the human rights sector. 

Palo Alto, United States

Peter Bouckaert

Director of Emergencies, Human Rights Watch

Peter is the Director of Emergencies at HRW and an expert in humanitarian crises. Peter previously specialized in the laws of war and is a veteran of fact-finding missions to many war zones and conflict areas across the world.

Geneva, Belgium

Jay Halfon, United States

General Counsel, Sustainable Markets Foundation

Jay is an attorney representing leading foundations, charities and advocacy groups. He has extensive experience in philanthropy and non-profit management. Jay serves as director and general counsel of Sustainable Markets Foundation, a § 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves as host and sponsor for I AM YOU

New York, United States

Kimberly Emerson

Board of Directors, Human Rights Watch

Kimberly was a US Diplomat and is the wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany. She still hosts official events weekly on behalf of the US Government. Kimberly sits on many boards for human rights and international policy.

Los Angeles, United States

Dr. Eslam El-Soudani

University Lecturer, Islamic Studies

Eslam carried out extensive work in the refugee crisis in Greece with NGOs including UNHCR and MSF. Eslam has a PHD in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies and now teaches Islam in History in London, United Kingdom.

London, United Kingdom



In creating a long-term plan for I AM YOU, dedicated volunteers were recruited to stay on in key roles geared towards achieving our mission. Together, these responsibilities oversee our core programs and ensure our volunteers are well equipped to bring our values to life.

George Karlatiras

Finance and Logistics Director

George is responsible for managing our finances within Greece and smooth logistical running of I AM YOU. An essential part is sourcing cost effective or solutions from the local community, thus supporting our programs and the Greek economy. 

Chalkida, Greece

Eleni Eseri

Lifelines Coordinator

Eleni's ensures the smooth running of the Lifelines program so that we can maximise the number of residents we can support. This entails liasing with other NGOs and local services so that access can be provided efficiently. 

Chalkida, Greece

Giulia Clericetti

Education Coordinator

Giulia is responsible for developing and overseeing  the Education Support Program. An essential part is working with the camp community and local Greek community to develop a long-term curriculum.

Rome, Italy

Katina Saoulli

Executive Director

Katina has an extensive management background. She oversees all I AM YOU programs and operations in Greece and ensures strategic delivery of our ethos and projects. Works with the management team to ensure that all targets are met. 

Nicosia, Cyprus

Eleni Stamatoukou

Communications Manager

Eleni is responsible for the development of content and information, which is divided into internal and external communication. An essential part is writing long form articles that highlight untold stories from the Greek context. 

Chalkida, Greece

Emma Södergren

Human Resources Manager

Emma is responsible for recruitment of translators and volunteers. An essential part is ensuring the team has a diverse set of skills and experience and assisting volunteers in their pre-arrival preparation.

Stockholm, Sweden