This program provides access to information and transport services. We work with other organizations and the Greek authorities to remove or prevent any barriers to reliable information on asylum processes and camp updates as well as services such as medical and dental health.

Refugees in Greece have the same rights of access and services within the Greek Health Care System as the Greek citizens. However, not speaking the native language and living in very remote areas with no access to public transportation it becomes very difficult to navigate through the process and reach the hospitals. I AM YOU fills the gap with a team of volunteers who facilitate this support full time. The team is made up of a coordinator, two Greek-speaking drivers, two Arabic speaking translators and two cars. The aim is to not only make life easier for the residents in Ritsona camp but the host community as well as they themselves have very limited resources. As the overall mission of I AM YOU is to bring dignity and humanity back to individuals who have lost so much, providing this service also means taking the time to offer emotional support and going that extra mile to bring a sense of security and comfort. It is updating a father waiting to hear if his wife and newborn are doing well in the delivery room or taking the time to explain the medical procedure to a worried mother whose child is being taken care of by a doctor speaking a foreign language. 

In 2017 the Lifelines project is projected to expand. This is because I AM YOU provide a unique service and the need within the Greek context is great. We are planning for an expansion to five new camps by December.