This program provides outlets for creative expression and the tools and resources for artistic talents to flourish. The program is designed to encourage a healthy form of expression through the arts, which can help people to process or escape traumatic events and depression. 


Displaced people are forced to leave behind their homes, studies and loved ones. But, they bring with them their talents, skills and interests. It is often forgotten how much these inherent abilities mean to individuality, which can be lost in the status of a ‘refugee’. Expression and creation are essential parts of human nature, but are often not considered a human need to be catered for in a crisis.


The Expressive Arts Program provides work stations, tools and resources to encourage people in refugee camps to develop their living spaces and express themselves creatively through art, poetry, music and more. This therapeutic method reminds people who they are, what they are capable of, and allows them to escape reality to produce something tangible. 


Creative Workspace

At the back of Ritsona refugee camp, an old derelict building has been transformed into a home for woodwork and expressive art to take shape. The light and airy space is filled with supplies and tools for individual or group sessions taught by experts from within camp and beyond. 



Music can be a therapeutic tool in reducing anxiety, stress and depression. This project brings musical entertainment to the camp and teaches children songs to sing and dance to together. It will also provide equipment for the musicians in camp to practice, perfect and enjoy their skill.

Music & Cinema Venue

This space provides a cinema screen and a stage for performances to take place. Once a week, Founder Damian Ardestani brings his professional studio, so camp residents can record their songs. The venue gathers crowds of all ages who watch or join in with the daily schedule of entertainment.