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at Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece

I AM YOU is a nonprofit organization operating in refugee camps in Greece. Our mission is to protect human rights and make the lives of displaced men, women and children better.

We envision a world where all humans fleeing war are treated with dignity, compassion and respect. 

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how to help

€10 could supply timber for a refugee to build a table and chair

€25 could give 60 children an afternoon of arts & crafts activities

€50 could transport 2 patients to the hospital

€100 could provide 700 bottles of water (1,5L)

€200 could give 100 refugees a day at the beach

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I AM YOU began as a volunteer emergency response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the shores of Lesvos, Greece in the fall of 2015.

Today, I AM YOU has grown to an organization that has coordinated over 300 volunteers tackling the symptoms of long-term displacement in makeshift refugee camps in Greece.

We focus on education, youth activities and medical transportation through our humanitarian aid programs. 

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