The purpose of a Child Friendly Space is to provide children with a protected environment in which they can participate in organized activities to play, socialize, learn, and express themselves as they rebuild their lives. Child Friendly Spaces areto protect children from physical harm and psychosocial distress and to help them continue learning and developing both during and immediately after an emergency.Child Friendly Space activities are designed to build on children’s natural and evolving coping capacities, and proactively involve children in the selection of activities to ensure that the activities are relevant to children. Child Friendly Spaces can provide a child-focused and child-friendly environment in which children continue their cognitive development and can give them opportunities to learn on a variety of levels. In many cases, they can help minimize the disruption to the learning and development opportunities that schooling provides. Child Friendly Spaces reaffirm the concept that children are capable of positive self-direction and do not place inappropriate responsibilities on children. They can help children establish a sense of security and build self-esteem.

Extra-curricular ACTIVITIES

When school finished for the summer, we set up a Summer Camp to ensure every child between 6-15 in Oinofyta camp had an opportunity for fun, play and joy over their summer holidays. We were running daily recreational and psycho-social activities with the support of an extended group of volunteers over the summer. 

With the delay of the formal education program being provided by the Greek government we have decided to continue with this project. The activities are also aiming to encourage the children to go into the Greek schools once the classes start, and support the families in understanding the benefits of sending their children to school.